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CANINE Leptospirosis...

Leptospirosis (lepto for short) is a growing concern for dog owners throughout Canada. Veterinarians in nearly every province are diagnosing more cases every year, so the need to protect dogs vet_click_hereis on the rise.

This site is designed to provide you information on leptospirosis and what you can do to prevent disease in your dog.

leptospirosis Disease

Is Your Dog


Because leptospirosis carriers reside in many locations, dogs living in urban, suburban and rural areas can be at risk.

  • Does your dog go outdoors?
  • Does your dog drink from or wade in standing water?
  • Is your dog exposed to areas where wildlife has been?
  • Do you take your dog to dog parks or day care?
  • Do you live in a newly developed area, or near farmland or woods?
  • Has leptospirosis been diagnosed in your area in dogs or people?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your dog may be at risk for leptospirosis. Talk to your veterinarian.

Browse our site to learn more about preventing leptospirosis in your dog and talk to your veterinarian.

Leptospirosis has been diagnosed in all types of dogs. All breeds and sizes of dogs are at risk.
Dogs can get sick even if they never come into direct contact with infected animals.
Most dogs that venture outdoors are at risk for leptospirosis.